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    Zerona™ LipoLASER Body Sculpting

    Introducing the latest breakthrough technology to

    • sculpt your body
    • improve your skin tone and texture
    • remove the excess fat 

    All from a non-invasive, non-surgical, and painless laser treatment.

    The Zerona is a low-level laser designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. Zerona™’s pilot study, presented to the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, revealed that in two weeks of trials with the Zerona™ laser – without surgery, diet restrictions or any other adjuncts – patients lost an average of two to six inches from their waists, hips and thighs.


    In contrast to high-power, high-heat lasers that are used in various surgical and aesthetic procedures, the new Zerona™ laser produces a low-level, or cold, output that has no thermal effect on the body’s tissue. Instead, the non-invasive laser helps the body absorb fat by stimulating biological function. Excess fat is then removed naturally by the body without the negative side effects and downtime associated with more invasive procedures such as liposuction.

    How does Zerona work?

    The low level laser therapy emitted by the Zerona™ laser causes the fat contained in the fat cell to liquefy. The laser causes a transitory pore in the fat cell membrane to open, allowing the liquefied fat to leave the cell and accumulate in the interstitial space around the cells. There is no damage to the cell membrane since fat is expelled through this transitory pore. Once the fat is in the interstitial space, it is naturally removed by the body through the lymphatic system.

    As you can see from the time lapse photos below, the fat cell has been exposed to this low level laser and the transitory pore opens up, allowing the liquified fat to leave the cell.


    Furthermore, below is a time lapse photo of a group of fat cells "deflating" after being treated by low level laser therapy.